Finding Yourself

July 23, 2015

There are so many factors in society that can knock the security in ourselves, which leads to difficulty in finding our true colors. What we always seem to forget is that we don’t need a lot of these earthly things around us and all we need is God, since He was the one who created/made you (as you are!).   Having experienced a great deal of trouble in discovering my self-identity, hopefully a few tips I have picked up on the way can give you an insight as to how to be comfortable living as YOU.

hollieHollie was raised by her parents, with her brother in Milton Keynes, going to church from the age of 3 and is currently attending MKCCCC where she teaches Sunday School. She has attended PHAT Camp since she was 10 and has served on the leadership team since 2012. Hollie has also applied to study Occupational Therapy at the University of Liverpool, and finds out in August. She loves to eat (favorite foods are sweet potato and tiramisu but not together!), sight-see (IG: #holtakeskoreahk) and watch TV dramas and movies. She’s also a big fan of musicals and her favourite colours are aqua-blue and yellow.