How Can You Be Sure? Answering Hard Questions About Christianity

July 23, 2015

Look at the comment section of a Christian video on YouTube and you will see the challenge Christians face today.  Their faith is met with anger, animosity, and condescension and many Christians respond similarly.  What we are left with is lots of mean spirited YELLING!!!!! and not a lot of understanding, and even less listening.

While this workshop will not answer every question one may have about Christianity, it will aim to have a discussion about how to listen to someone who has questions or criticisms about our faith and show them love and compassion as Christ would.

Calvin started going to church in the 6th grade and has been attending Boston CEC for 20+ years.  Over the past few years, he’s been serving at his church with youth and university students. Seeing young make great strides in their walks with God is what excites him the most about working with these life stages. His interests are sports, games and good conversations. He is married to his wife, Lindsey and has a son, Miles. They’re expecting their second child later this year.