Curiosity Explored

July 23, 2015

Is Christianity the only way? How do we be lionhearted Christians in evangelism?…Even amongst Brexit and today’s society.

Intrigued by these questions and want to learn more? Got your own questions to ask, have doubts, or just curious? Here’s the one for you! We want to make sure you leave PHAT camp knowing what Christianity truly offers, so we’ve invited some more experienced Christians to shed light on uncertainty and the unknown, and share their experience of being used by God.

wingyeeTrue blue northerner- recently graduated from York, living in lovely Leeds! Likes- dark green forests, rollercoasters, and cooking/eating with friends. Greatest passion being used by God and for lives to be transformed by the truth of the gospel. She is curious by nature and loves learning about people, since everyone is so different! This means she is always up for a conversation – so she would love for you to come and say hi. =D