When Church Becomes A Chore

July 23, 2015

Have you ever really wanted to leave your church? Not because you needed the toilet or because the building was on fire- but because you just didn’t want to be there at all? Maybe it’s the 1 hour sermon in a language you can barely understand. Maybe you really can’t stand to be around those nosy Aunties in church. Maybe there isn’t a really cool and stylish youth group. Maybe you just couldn’t stand the cheesy worship songs anymore. The church is described as the ‘bride of Christ’, yet sometimes I question Jesus’ marriage choice. This workshop is a space to really explore what a church means to you, how to make the most out of the church you have, and (most importantly) what the bible says about this whole thing. This workshop will focus a little more on the Chinese church, but please do come if you have questions regarding this area regardless of what your background is.

Nancy Jiang was born in mainland China and came to the UK with her parents at age 7. Her whole family, including herself, started going to church because they thought Sunday school meant free English lessons. They soon learned the truth (about Sunday School and about God). Funnily enough, she now has two degrees in English (possibly to become three…honestly, she doesn’t know when to stop) despite her absolute inability to spell English words. Sunday school definitely didn’t teach spelling, much to her disappointment. Come and chat to her- she’s happy to listen and talk about anything and will be especially pleased if you’re talking to her about God, musicals, literature and potential ways to burn baking (something she does on a regular attempt).