A ‘Swift’ Love Story

July 23, 2015

So, lets talk relationships – we all have them, we all want them and that’s not wrong. In Genesis 2 God specifically says, “It is not good for man to be alone.” However when it comes to maintaining a Christ centred relationship it seems like much more of a grey area. We’ll be discussing some key questions we all have about relationships such as “when is the right age to date?”, “When am I ready?”, “Will I even find the one?”. Along with this, we will also be discussing issues that arise even after the knot has been tied.


Startin’ from the bottom (Liverpool),

Joanne Fong (Jofo) is a real tough thug at heart. If she isn’t singing around the house or trying on various outfits from her extensive wardrobe, Jofo enjoys deep catch-ups, exploring and travelling, drinking iced Americanos and loves eating Pho and fries (preferably together!). She currently attends and serves in the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church. She is passionate about God’s work in the Chinese church and never ceases to thank Him for all his goodness.





Introducing the singing prodigy of Bradford,

No not Zayn Malik, Derek Law!  He is known for his passion for worship and his unbelievable guitar tekkers. He loves music, Vietnamese food, appreciating nature, painting artwork and playing all sports! Derek continues to serve our King under the watchful eye of Pastor Bert Han and the BCEC, growing in the spirit (but not height!) day-by-day. His passion to spread

God’s word is a legacy that he hopes to leave.