Volunteer Application

April 20, 2015

APPLY TO BE A VOLUNTEER! Volunteer Applications for PHAT Camp 2017 are now open!

Applicants will need to go through a recruitment process to gauge their suitability to serve at PHAT Camp. All applicants who are accepted onto the team are required to attend a 2-day training camp from 30 July -1 August (Sunday evening through Tuesday morning) at Whitemoor Lakes (same location as PHAT Camp). Each pays a discounted camp fee of £200 to attend both the training camp and PHAT Camp.

Once you’ve applied you’ll receive a confirmation email within a couple hours.
Let us know if you do not hear from us: cocmphatcamp@gmail.com

Applicants can apply for 1 of 2 volunteering categories:
Before you apply, please have a look through the job descriptions below, and if it still sounds like the kind of thing you want to get involved in, hit the apply link at the bottom. Please review the full description of the role before applying. You’ll also need to provide a referee that we can contact. A referee has to be over 18 and cannot be a family member.

Leaders: Role Description
Applicants with experienced in church youth ministry and/or previous PHAT Camp leading. Minimum age of 18 to apply.

Assistant Leaders
: Role Description
Applicants with willingness to be trained; to assist Leader or serve in any capacity. Minimum age of 16 to apply.