The Speaker

April 24, 2012

Meet Clement Wen – this year’s Keynote Speaker!

Clement Wen moved to the UK in September 2015 with his lovely wife, Tracy, and two rambunctious boys, Ethan (now age 6) and Micah (now age 3), in order to pursue a PhD in theology at the University of Edinburgh.  Prior to embarking on this new adventure, he served for five years in full-time youth ministry at the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland in Rockville, Maryland – his ‘home church’ in the suburbs of Washington, DC where he was not only born and raised, but in January 2014, also ordained.  A graduate of Wheaton College, Illinois (B.A. Communication) and Regent College, Vancouver, Canada (Master of Christian Studies, Theology), Clement has also served in full-time ‘uni ministry’ in Hualien, Taiwan through the work of the Chih-Hsueh Gospel Center (2003-2005).  After his PhD is completed, he and his family will be moving back to Taiwan, where Clement has been offered a faculty appointment at China Evangelical Seminary in Taipei.


Such formalities aside, here are five random facts about Clement:

  1. Clement received violin lessons for nine years (from age 5-14), the last five of which were spent fumbling through and ultimately not getting anywhere close to mastering the Vivaldi Concerto in A minor (the first major piece that young violinists are meant to pick up).  Related to this, he also never learned how to do vibrato.
  1. Clement used to get privately coached and attended summer camps for ping-pong.  Today, the only thing he can still do well is serve (i.e., if you return his serve, you’ll win).  Even so, Clement enjoys telling people that he used to have ping-pong shoes while at the same time avoiding ping-pong tournaments (e.g., at church) in order to maintain the mystique surrounding his ping-pong past.
  1. Clement’s primary sport in high school was ice hockey.  After surviving two concussions, he feels fortunate to still have all his teeth.  He used to wish that he could have had three concussions just so he could say that he had survived three concussions instead of only two, but has since realized that such a wish isn’t a great one to have.
  1. Clement’s first job out of uni was a summer internship in downtown Chicago at one of America’s then top-rated PR/marketing firms.  In this role, he helped product-launch the first-ever upside-down bottle of ketchup.  He sometimes still eats ketchup.
  1. Since moving to the UK, Clement has developed a newfound appreciation for baked potatoes, vitamin D, and dry socks.

In terms of UK church affiliations, Clement and his family are currently part of Ichthus, the English speaking ministry of the Chinese Evangelical Church of Edinburgh (CECE).