April 18, 2019

Mission Statement

PHAT Camp – Mission Statement


As part of the PHAT Camp 2019 project, the PHAT Camp Planning Team developed a Mission Statement to articulate the long-term mission and purposes of PHAT Camps. This statement provides direction for PHAT Camps generally, and should guide all programme activities towards the pursuit of its stated aims. It is distinct from, and provides context to, the themes developed for each annual project which focus the content of individual events. 

PHAT Camp’s Mission Statement

PHAT Camp’s mission is to bring about Christian transformation in the lives of young, British-Chinese people in their relationships with God, with the Church, and with themselves:

GOD – PHAT Camps aim to transform our relationship with God by integrating faith with life, through:

  • the teaching and development of sound theological convictions,
  • the exploration and discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian perspective, and
  • the encouragement and equipment of Christians towards a lasting faith.

CHURCH – PHAT Camps aim to transform our relationship with the Church by presenting and inspiring a model of healthy Christian community, through:

  • the promotion of mature Christian living,
  • the establishment of Christian role models that inspire and encourage others, and
  • the improvement of spiritual gifting and service in the local church through training.

SELF – PHAT Camps aim to transform our relationship with ourselves by developing personal identity, and sense of home and belonging, through:

  • the formation of a healthy spiritual identity,
  • the development and demonstration of a contextualised British-Chinese spirituality, and
  • the redemption of our cultural identities by pursuing their respective values that naturally promote Kingdom living.